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December 2019 Newsletter

CERT NEWSLETTER – December 2019


We begin our final Newsletter of the year by bidding farewell to our Central County Fire Department Chief John Kammeyer, who will be retiring the end of December.  He has held the position of Chief since 2015.  He achieved a stellar career and has devoted twenty years of his life to public service.  Chief Kammeyer knew exactly what he wanted to do for his lifetime and started on the path to achieve his goal.  He graduated high school, worked in an ambulance and entered EMT school at age 18.  He enlisted in the Coast Guard where he served as an Aviation Survivalman Rescue Swimmer completing four years of military service.  He enrolled in the Fire Academy, worked in the Daly City Fire Department before being hired in 1999 by the Burlingame FD, which became CCFD in 2004.  He was promoted to Division Chief in 2008 and Deputy Fire Chief in 2014 – same year Millbrae joined CCFD.  He became CCFD Fire Chief in 2015.  Chief Kammeyer embraced the Millbrae Emergency Preparedness Programs:  CERT, LEND Radio, MARC and CERT SVIP’s and supported our volunteer efforts for training, maintaining high standards and great visibility throughout San Mateo County and beyond.  Often Chief would take the time to attend our various programs and events.  One memorable thing among many is when Chief Kammeyer appeared in his running shorts and shoes to participate in the 2016 5K Run in support of the fundraiser to help with the rebuild of a new Community Center—it didn’t take him long to complete the full run!   Chief Kammeyer you are appreciated.  We applaud you for your service to us.  You are a “Millbrae Legend.”  You shall be missed.  We wish you and your family well in your post- retirement years.  We hope to see you again …  God Bless you.                                                                                      

The Legend Lives On !

May your troubles be less, and your blessings be more, and nothing but happiness come through your door’ – Irish Proverb

The following message is written by our amazing Millbrae Volunteer CERT-LEND Radio Coordinator – Dino DeRanieri: “November 2019 has been a very busy month for Members of our Millbrae CERT Program:                                                             

November 6:  7 of our CERT HAM Radio and 1 LEND-CERT member trained at the Millbrae EOC as part of the Millbrae City-San Mateo County EOC Drill.  As EOC Training continues additional Team Members will be asked to train and be committed to EOC Ops.                                            

November 6:  17 CERT members completed the evening CERT Animal Response Training Class provided by LEAD Trainer Jean Perry.

The Millbrae Disaster Preparedness Day was a great success.  Thanks to San Mateo County Sheriff’s Office - Millbrae Police Bureau Chief Paul Kunkel and his Team, CERT Team members, Millbrae Councilwoman Ann Schneider and Recreation Director Mackenzie Brady who helped to organize and implement the Disaster Preparedness Day.  Along with a good turnout of supporters and contributors Millbrae CERT stood as the best Disaster Preparedness for the community.  We also had 19 Millbrae CERT Team members participate in the event.  Millbrae CERT Lead Instructor Jean Perry presented a “Get Ready” Class with the help of Millbrae CERT Team members.  41 individuals attended the Class.  20 individuals attended the “Stop the Bleeding” class.  Millbrae CERT Team members assisted in the Millbrae Armature Radio Club (MARC) booth as needed.  Also, during the event 282 individuals were contacted and signed the California Volunteer Engagement Form.

November 21:  17 Millbrae CERT Team members participated in the 2019 Statewide Medical and Health Flood Exercise.  The exercise served as a great opportunity to train in a Shelter Environment and practice shelter setup, operations and attending to victims of a flood.

“The many volunteers in our community’s Emergency Preparedness Programs: CERT, LEND Radio, MARC and SVIP have so much to be very proud of.  We have given so much to help make 2019 a truly outstanding banner year.  Our achievements are because each and all of us gave individual and/or group time and talent to be self-invested for the greater good of Millbrae.  We made the most of ourselves for others. 

THANK YOU:  to our CERT, LEND MARC and SVIP volunteers for the outstanding participation you have given to our Millbrae community during 2019.  We thank the City Council, City Manager Tom Williams and Staff, City Fire Chief John Kammeyer and CCFD, Millbrae Police Bureau Sheriff Carlos Bolanos, Bureau Chief Paul Kunkel and Sheriff Deputies, SMC OES Emergency Services Millbrae Coordinator Bill Reilly and the many community organizations who invite us to participate in the many wonderful events throughout the year.  You all help make our Millbrae Volunteer Emergency Preparedness Programs a positive difference in the safety and vitality of our community.” 

Congratulations to Robert Morris who was recently elected the new President of the Millbrae Amateur Radio Club (MARC). Robert’s term begins December 1st.  Robert is also a LEND-CERT member.  He looks forward to a good year for MARC.

Many thanks to John Fehrn who is the outgoing President of MARC.  John served in that office for 12 years.  He has been elected to the office of Vice-President of MARC and is also a LEND-CERT member – Congratulations John.

Central County Fire Department (CCFD) announces the CCFD Holiday Toy Drive that takes place from December 1st until December 24th.  They request new, unwrapped toys for children of all ages.  Please – NO STUFFED ANIMALS.  Toy barrels will be in Millbrae:  City Hall Lobby, at Fire Station 37, 511 Magnolia and Fire Station 38, 785 Crestview Drive.  Please note the CCFD Toy Drive should not be confused with the Toys for Tots Program.  Our CCFD Firefighters welcome your donations with heartfelt thanks for your generosity.

FEMA has a very informative article in their November Weekly Digest Bulletin “” Stay Safe This Holiday Season.”

City of Millbrae has posted a very important safety message that is posted on their website: “Do Not Put Fats, Oil or Grease (F.O.G) Down the Drain This Holiday Season.”  PLEASE READ THIS NEWS ITEM CAREFULLY.  City is offering “free” Grease Kit for residents to pick-up Monday-Friday, City Hall Public-Works Counter, 8:30am – 5:00pm.  



All Thursday Classes in David J. Chetcuti Community Room 6:30pm-9:00pm (Set-Up 6pm) *Saturday Skills Day at Fire Station 37, 511 Magnolia Avenue, Millbrae 8:00am – 3:30pm

January 23, Thursday            Disaster Awareness, Fire Safety & Utility Control                                  

January 30, Thursday            Medical Part 1                                                                                                

February 6, Thursday             Medical Part 2                                                                                                  

February 13, Thursday           Light Search and Rescue                                                                                

February 20, Thursday           CERT Communications                                                                                  

February 27, Thursday            Disaster Psychology, CERT Organization and Management                   

March        5, Thursday            Terrorism & Refresh                                                                                     

*March    14, Saturday          Skills Development and Application                                              




December 5:   Monthly MARC Meeting - 6:45PM – Millbrae Temporary Community Center Parking Lot Behind City Hall  - 623 Magnolia Avenue

December 12:  Monthly LEND Radio Net – 7:00PM to 7:30PM – Anyone who wishes to join the EOC live NET Roll Call is welcome to the David J. Chetcuti Community Room

January 18:      Millbrae CERT All Member Meeting “THE FUTURE OF MILLBRAE CERT” - Saturday 9:30AM to 1:00PM – David J Chetcuti Community Room. Mark your Calendar. Agenda to follow.


January 26:          Chinese Culture Festival CERT Booth 8am – 4pm (details will follow)


December 3:        Millbrae Train Museum Kids Santa Party, 12Noon – 3pm “Free”                                          

December 3:        Millbrae Library Gazebo: Santa, Mrs. Claus, Music, Photos, 2:30pm – 4:30pm

December 3:        Millbrae Annual Tree Lighting, Front of City Hall,  5:00pm “Free”

December 21:      Winter Begins

December 22:      Hanukkah Begins at Sundown

December 25:       Christmas Day

December 26:       Kwanzaa Begins


The 2020 Winter CERT Training Class Schedule is printed on page 3 – we’ll need many volunteers to help at the classes.  Please mark your 2020 calendar as reminder to help.  Additional details from Dino will be forthcoming.  Please try to participate.  You’ll receive volunteer credit for your participation.                                                                                                                            

All Good Wishes for a Safe and Happy Holiday Season!

Submitted by: Marge Colapietro, Volunteer                                                                                                                                 

Public Information Officer                                                                                                                      

Editor CERT Newsletter      

Posted by : Lee, Alex Posted on :01/17/2020