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October 2017 Newsletter

Millbrae CERT October Newsletter

Welcome to October – the second month of autumn.  The first thing that may come to mind is that autumn festivals begin as does celebrating Halloween at months end.  Whether parties or costumes and parades we should take some time in-between for awareness of other important dates and events.

You’ll receive this Newsletter on Sunday – October 1st – the day that Millbrae celebrates Japanese Cultural Day with a festival.  This year it will take place in the upper civic center parking lot surrounded by the Millbrae Library, Historical Museum and the David Chetcuti Community Room.  The festival begins at 10:30am and will end at 4:00pm.  Again this year our volunteers from LEND, CERT, MARC and SVIP will have a booth where the public can obtain information about safety issues, see demonstrations and pick-up fliers for the upcoming 2018 CERT Classes.  Please drop by to support and thank our volunteers for their service.  The weather should be perfect, the entertainment happy and vibrant, the food delicious and the vendors many.  The Consul General of Japan in San Francisco will be a special guest and the renowned Ken Kashiwahara will be the Master of Ceremonies.

October is FIRE PREVENTION MONTH.  Specifically, Fire Prevention Week is October 8th-14th.  Our CCFD Firefighters and Fire Prevention Team Members will be quite busy this month with outreach programs in the schools and their Fire Prevention Poster Contest for the elementary school kids.  Please tune-in to MCTV (Comcast Cable Channel 27 and ATT Cable Channel 99) for special Public Service Announcements from the CCFD Fire Prevention Team.  You can also access the PSA by linking to the MCTV home page:  then click onto to their YouTube icon.  Thank you MCTV and CCFD!

October 19th is designated as the “Great California Shake-Out Day.”  Currently, throughout the world over 21 million people have registered to participate in this year’s drill and are “Getting Ready to Shake-Out.”  The exact observance is 10:19 AM on 10/19/2017.  Many of our Emergency Preparedness Members will recall that back in June 2010 our very own Team Member Tom Brocher gave a workshop regarding Earthquakes in California with a focus on what our Millbrae community can expect in the years to come as earthquakes occur.  Tom will be recording a Public Service Announcement (PSA) produced by MCTV in the next week or so.  It will be replayed on MCTV and be accessible on the Channels and YouTube.  Tom is the Team Chief Scientist on the Earthquake Hazards Team and most recently served as the Coordinator for Northern California Earthquake Hazard Investigations for the USGS in Menlo Park, where he has worked for 23 years.  Tom has B.S. in Geology from University of Michigan and a Ph.D. in Geophysics from Princeton University – way to go Tom!  We look forward to the production.   We also give a HUGE thanks to MCTV for partnering with us for the two above productions.

We have a few KUDOS to shout out about:  to Villiami Dauwe our Millbrae Deputy CERT Volunteer Coordinator for stepping-in for our Coordinator – Dino DeRanieri at the Millbrae Chamber of Commerce Art and Wine Festival.  Villiami was interviewed live on Saturday afternoon by MCTV Broadcast Host – Kenny Milch (many of us know Kenny as a longtime beloved teacher at Taylor Middle School). Villiami did a good job of representing our Emergency Preparedness Programs and encouraging the public to take the January classes.  You can watch the replay of the A&W Festival on the MCTV channels and on YouTube.

To each and all of our volunteers who staffed our CERT booth at the Millbrae Art and Wine Festival in the triple-digit temperature that plagued Millbrae all day long.  Some volunteers worked from 7am to 7pm.   Our booth was staffed both Saturday and Sunday.  THANK YOU FOR PERSEVERING THROUGH.

We also give HUGE KUDOS to the eleven (11) Millbrae CERT members who volunteered to participate in the Bay Area Urban Shield Drill on September 7th at the Alameda County Fairgrounds.  Our CERT team had the second highest participation of volunteers of all agencies!  It was one of the “severe heat days.”  There are a couple of videos of the Urban Shield Drill Day that can be accessed at: http:  where you’ll see some familiar Millbrae faces!

On Tuesday, September 26th our City of Millbrae OES Coordinator Bill Reilly gave a presentation to the Millbrae City Council about the San Mateo County Alert System (a/k/a SMC ALERT).  Bill gave specific statics regarding Millbrae’s participation in SMC ALERT:  Population of Millbrae: 22,661, SMC Alert Subscribers: 1,463 (6.5% of residents), Subscribers from other cities interested in Millbrae alerts: 5,777, total number of contacts reached: 7,240 (12% of all subscribers).  Bill encouraged everyone present and those at home watching to sign-up for SMC ALERT – it is an important and essential part of public safety.  Mayor Reuben Holober issued a City of Millbrae Proclamation on behalf of the City council declaring “September 26, 2017 as SMC ALERT DAY” in the City of Millbrae.  You may go to MCTV to watch a replay of the Council Meeting – it is at the beginning of the meeting.

Last month we bid farewell and good wishes to Lisa Bartolo our CERT office liaison at CCFD as she moved up to a different department at CCFD.  One of the many responsibilities Lisa had was to coordinate the bi-monthly CERT Newsletter.  She did an excellent job of ensuring Millbrae news was shared with both of our partnering agencies Burlingame and Hillsborough.

This month we are happy to welcome Jasmine Del Chiaro the Administrative Clerk at CCFD who takes over the CERT duties for Lisa.  Dino is “very confident that Jasmine will work well with us – she is quite organized, efficient and enthusiastic about CERT.”

Jasmine has sent an email to us indicating that “due to the enrollment, the CERT Training session for fall 2017 scheduled for October 2nd through November 13th at the Hillsborough Town Hall has been cancelled.”  The next round of CCFD classes are scheduled for January 18, through March 10, 2018 at Fire Station in Millbrae.  PLEASE encourage your family, neighbors, friends to sign-up for these classes.  CERT Class Schedule.

Halloween is on Tuesday – October 31st.  PLEASE discuss Halloween safety issues with your children.  Please be very cautious while driving in the dark of the October night – do not get distracted either while driving or walking with your cell phones.  Enjoy a safe evening!

Submitted by                                                                                                                                                                                   

Marge Colapietro                                                                                                                                                                             

Millbrae LEND-CERT                                                                                                                                                            

Public Information Officer                                                                                                                                                                           

Posted by : Lee, Alex Updated on :10/01/2017

September 2017 Newsletter

September 2017 Newsletter

Farewell Summer, Welcome Autumn!  Leaves begin to turn from green to shades of yellow, red and brown followed by the leaves falling to the ground preparing to be sorted through for those that will make beautiful Autumnal centerpieces;  and, oh yes for many of us we’ll be humming the melody or singing the beautiful words to one of the most popular songs – “Autumn  Leaves.”  

Just as nature transitions, we too are called upon to transition with care and readiness to what Autumn and the month of September bestow upon us:  cooler weather, shorter daylight hours, students reconvening in schools, families, schools, service and sports groups prepare for many community activities before winter arrives.  It’s no different for Millbrae’s LEND, CERT, MARC and SVIP volunteers who must always be at-the-ready for the times when our families and our community needs us.

The month of September is National Preparedness Month.  Two days in every year that are very appropriately assigned to this month are September 11th and September 15th.   September 11th is “A Day of Service and Remembrance” when we all are called upon to provide acts of service in our communities – every act of kindness is an act of generosity, keeps us human and we are gifted and comforted to know that “it is giving that we receive.  September 15th is “National Preparedness Day.”  It is a day to remember all those who were victims of the horrific attacks at the World Trade Center in New York, those who survived and who live with the nightmares and scars of that day.  It is also a day when our FIRST RESPONDERS are honored for their bravery in carrying out the duties they willingly took an oath to uphold, no matter what.  We give thanks to all who, in one way or another, whether in New York or in MILLBRAE are always READY.  The theme for the 2017 National Preparedness Month is: “Disaster’s Don’t Plan Ahead.  YOU CAN.”  You may wish to visit:  for ways to carry-out weekly themes of readiness in September.

FEMA has provided some Back to School Preparedness Steps to protect children during emergencies in the school day – “EASY AS ABC”:   ASK how you would be reunited with your child in an emergency of evacuation, BRING extra medications, special food, or supplies your child would need if you were separated overnight and COMPLETE an emergency backpack card and tuck one in your child’s backpack and your wallet: 

As many of you are aware Rick Roth one of our Emergency Preparedness Volunteers recently succumbed to illnesses.  There was good representation from our LEND, CERT, MARC and SVIP groups at his weekday services.  Our Coordinator – Dino DeRanieri sent condolences to Rick’s family and an excerpt from the condolence email was read by Rick’s son at the Celebration of Rick’s Life: “We will remember Rick as an example to everyone that someone with physical disabilities could still be an asset to community.  We can say that though disabled Rick was NOT unable.  Rest in Peace Our Dear Rick.”  That sentiment was applauded.  A sympathy card signed on behalf of Millbrae Emergency Preparedness Volunteers was also given to Rick’s family.

KUDO’S to the City of Millbrae CERT!  Happy to announce that twelve (12) of our CERT Team Members have been accepted and will take part in the day-long URBAN SHIELD 2017 GREEN AREA COMMAND along with other CERT Members from San Mateo County!  Along with seven (7) CERT/NERT (Ntl. Emergency Response Team) teams from other Bay Area Counties they will actively participate in various scenarios geared toward evaluating a particular knowledge and/or skill-set contained in the FEMA/CERT curriculum.  We’re proud to be represented!

JOYOUS UPDATE:  We may all have heard that our Emergency Preparedness Volunteer Coordinator – DINO DERANIERI has recently been nominated and then selected by a panel of Judges as the “2017 MILLBRAE MAN OF THE YEAR!”   The Dinner and Honor Ceremony will be held at the Green Hills Golf and Country Club in Millbrae on Friday – October 20th –   Please Save the Date on your calendar.  The invitations will be emailed to our Volunteers about September 7th.           


Also being honored is DEBBIE VAN WART who was selected as the “2017 MILLBRAE WOMAN OF THE YEAR!”  Congratulations Debbie!  Some of you may recognize Debbie’s last name because her husband David took the CERT Classes this year.

Reminder:  LEND, CERT, MARC and SVIP Volunteers will have a booth at the Chamber of Commerce Art and Wine Festival in Downtown Broadway September 2nd and 3rd.  Thank you to members who are volunteering to meet and greet the public, give demonstrations and provide “free” informational brochures about safety.

Submitted by:                                                                                                                                                        

Marge Colapietro                                                                                                                                            

Millbrae LEND-CERT Public Information Officer                                                                                                                                          

Posted by : Lee, Alex Updated on :09/01/2017

August 2017 Newletter

Happy August everyone!  Yes…”August already.”  This is a time when families begin to return home from their summertime get-a-ways and realize that there is so much to do to transition from a more casual and unstructured life style to readjusting back to a more structured and for some a more hectic and busy reality.

For instance the weather in August traditionally remains hot and dry.  Following are a few suggestions on how to get into a comfort zone:  stay indoors in air conditioning if possible, and n the shade if you go outside;  if your home is not air conditioned, spend at least two hours daily at an air-conditioned mall, library, or other public place;  wear sunscreen outside, along with light-colored clothes that cover as much skin as possible;  drink water regularly even if you are not thirsty – limit alcohol which speeds dehydration;  never leave children or pets alone in the car;  avoid exertion during the hottest part of the day and take a cool shower or bath.  (Excerpt by Eric Thybony “Emergency preparedness Guide”).  We should be sure to check on neighbors and friends, especially our elder population.

Speaking about PETS, you can log onto: to learn how to create a Pet Emergency Kit. Topics include: Food, First aid Kit, a Collar with ID tag, harness or leash and Familiar items.

Many schools will begin the Fall semester in August.  This is a great time to call a family meeting and review back-to-school safety precautions.  If you have a “Neighborhood Watch Program” where you live you may want to take the opportunity to have a meeting.  If you don’t have the NWP – perhaps consider talking with your neighbors about forming one -- telephone Millbrae Police Bureau: 259-2300 for expert assistance.

Help prevent vehicle break-ins and theft with some Car Safety Tips from National Neighborhood Watch:  Always lock doors after entering/leaving your car; Park in well-lit, active areas; Have your car keys in your hand so you don’t have to linger before entering your car; Check back seat before entering your car; If you think you are being followed, drive to a public place or a police, sheriff or fire station; If your car breaks down open the hood and attach a white cloth to the car antenna; If someone stops to help, stay in the locked car, roll down window just a little bit and ask them to call police, sheriff, AAA or tow truck for you (if you don’t have cell phone); Don’t stop to aid motorists stopped on the side of the road- use your cell phone (or go to a public phone) to request help for them.

And, we can’t forget upcoming Millbrae Community Events:                                                                             

Tues. 8/01:  3pm-7pm Central Park Sheriff Activity League (SAL) hosts National Night Out – GREAT FUN!                        

Fri.     8/04:  8:30 PM Central Park SAL - Movie “The Big Friendly Giant” bring blankets/low back chairs                           

Sat.    8/12: 10am-3pm: Millbrae Historical Society YARD SALE, Friends of Library Bargain Book Sale                                    

Sat.    8/19:  9:00am:  Millbrae Lions Club Machines Car Show – Downtown Broadway                                                             

Sat.   9/02 and Sun. 9/03:  10am-5pm: Chamber of Commerce ART AND WINE FESTIVAL

Please visit the Millbrae Preparedness Volunteers at the A&W Festival (next to CCFD booth!  Sign-up for the January 2018 CERT Class.  Click on the below link to see the Class Schedule.                                                                                       

CERT 2018 Class Schedule                      

Submitted by:  Marge Colapietro, Millbrae LEND/CERT Public Information Officer

Posted by : Lee, Alex Updated on :08/01/2017