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March 2019

March 2019

How time flies, especially from the shortest month of February to one of the longest months – March!  Traditionally, the longer the month the more time there is to fill our calendar with opportunities for awareness, education, participation, celebration!  There is something for everyone.  Millbrae CERT, LEND, MARC and SVIP volunteers are requested to join-in several events.  Get ready to mark your calendar:

March 1:  Beginning of Woman’s History Month, National Nutrition Month, American Red Cross Month, Flood Safety Month, Fire Prevention Month and National Poison Prevention Awareness Month and   Employee Appreciation Day is celebrated on March 1st.

March 2: “Read Across America Day” and fittingly we wish Dr. Seuss a “Happy Birthday!”                                                  

March 2:  City of Millbrae Lunar New Year Celebration – Year of the Boar/Pig – 10am to 4pm  Millbrae Civic Center Plaza -- PARADE through Downtown begins at 11am—LEND/CERT/MARC Volunteers still needed:  Please email Dino asap  with your availability.                                                  

March 3:  Save Your Vision Week begins through March 9.                                                                                                      

March 5:  CERT Class #7 – David Chetcuti Community Room – Volunteers needed.                                                                

March 7:  MARC Meeting – Millbrae Library Room B – 6:45pm  

March 10:  DAYLIGHT SAVINGS TIMES BEGINS – SET CLOCKS 1 HOUR AHEAD                                                                                                                                                

March 14: LEND RADIO NET – 7:00pm – 7:30pm                                                                                                                              

March 16: CERT SKILLS DAY – 8:00AM – 3:30PM – CCFD Millbrae Fire Station 37 – Volunteers Needed                                                                                                                         

March 17: St. Patrick’s Day                                                                                                                                                                     

March 17: National Poison Prevention Week thru 3/23                                                                                                                

March 20: Spring Begins!                                                                                                                                                                     

March 31: Cesar Chavez Day                                                                                                    

Notes: American Red Cross Presents “Shelter Fundamentals” Classes 3/23 or 4/18 – Contact the Burlingame Parks & Recreation Department for specific information and to register: (650) 558-7300.                               

“Shelter Operations” Classes 3/07, 3/13, 3/19, 3/26 To register:                 

Note both are “free” classes CERT’s welcome.


“Wherever a man turns, he can find someone who needs him.” (Albert Schweitzer)      Thank you to our Fire Fighters, Law Enforcement Officers and All First Responders

Submitted by:  Marge Colapietro, Volunteer – Millbrae LEND-CERT Public Information Officer

Posted by : Lee, Alex Posted on :03/22/2019

February 2019

February 2019 CERT Newsletter                                                                                                        

February is the shortest month of the year and yet those of us who are CERT, LEND, MARC, SVIP volunteers with the Millbrae/CCFD Emergency Preparedness program seem to be kept quite busy with various types of events in Millbrae and with our CCFD partner cities and SMC OES programs.

Our Volunteer Coordinator Dino DeRanieri reports that our active members gave a total of 2,413.25 hrs. of service in CY 2018 – another year of amazing dedication and work from our team!  “There isn’t a person anywhere who isn’t capable of doing more than he (or she) thinks (they) can.”  Henry Ford.

January began with the Winter CERT Training Classes presented by the City of Millbrae and Central County Fire Department (CCFD).  A pre-planning meeting consisting of 15 volunteers was held on January 15th at CCFD Millbrae Fire Station 37.  The first of eight classes began on January 22nd during which a total of 28 “new” students were present, a majority are Millbrae residents, and… and…and…18 of our Millbrae volunteers answered the “call for help.” Oh, what a night it was!  It must have been the hot apple cider and popcorn!  Again, Dino welcomed everyone and introduced Captain Lanty Molloy the CCFD Liaison.  All new students took their Oath of Office, led by Captain Molloy, in preparation for completing the classes on Skills Day – March 16th.   CERT CLASS 2 was a full house.  Dino’s Assistant Coordinator – Villiami Dauwe led the Critical Incident Debriefing (CID).  A portion of the class was presented by CCFD Chris Wettstein.  Millbrae’s Jean Perry – the Lead Volunteer Trainer led the 5 Skills Stations and was assisted by our volunteers.  We need volunteers at all classes – a good time to refresh our training skills.  You’ll be able to access the CERT Class Schedule on the City’s website:

San Mateo County provided a list of Resources and Information (Updated 1/24/2019) for Federal Employees who are struggling to pay bills and feed their families due to the ongoing partial federal government shutdown.  The list consists of both public agencies and nonprofit partners who are offering services to those impacted.  The SMC website provides specific details and includes information on how the shutdown impacts our County and the thousands of clients who depend on SMC for essential services.  If you and/or anyone you know need assistance please refer them to below agenies:

Financial Assistance:  San Mateo Credit Union, Navy Federal Credit Union                                                                                                                                                                                

Unemployment Benefits:  Employment Development Department

Food Assistance:  Second Harvest Food Bank, CalFresh

Emergency Housing, Utility Assistance and More:  SMC Human Services Agency, CORE Services Agency

Transportation Assistance:  SMC Transit District, Caltrain

Mark Your February Calendar For:

1:            National Freedom Day                                                                                                                                                             

2:          CPR Saturday – CERT Volunteers 8am to 12Noon, Caroline Shea Center (refer to Dino’s previous email for instructions)                                                                                               

(Note from MARC President John Fehrn:  For those Club members not helping at the Millbrae CERT booth, if you want to lend a hand at the Radio Club booth you are more than welcome. We will have a “Go Box” radio on display with some other HAM stuff.”

3:            Super Bowl Sunday – “GO TEAM!”  I’m for LA RAMS – I know the Quarterback!

4:           Rosa Parks Day – thank you dear Rosa from all of the women in our USA!

5:            Chinese New Year – Year of Pig (or Boar) – Gung Hay Fat Choy to All!


12:          Abraham Lincoln ‘s Birthday, 16th President of USA


14:         MARC RADIO NET 7:30PM

14:          Valentine’s Day

18:          President’s Day Holiday (Lincoln and Washington)

22:          George Washington’s Birthday, 1st President of USA

*Red Cross Shelter Operations – Multiple Dates Available in 2019: Partner Agency Shelter Ops Training

To one and all of our Firefighters, Law Enforcement Officers and First Responders: “Real heroes don’t wear capes.  REAL SUPERHEROES WEAR UNIFORMS, BADGES AND STETHOSCOPES!”   -- Dean Cain, 2018    We thank you for your dedicated service to us!

Submitted by:  Marge Colapietro, Volunteer                                                                                                                                

LEND-CERT Newsletter Editor/Public Information Officer       

Posted by : Lee, Alex Posted on :03/22/2019